QNT 561 Final

A study of Machiavellian traits in actuaries was performed.
Machiavellian describes negative character traits such as
manipulation, cunning, duplicity, deception, and bad faith. A Mach
rating score was determined for each in a sample of actuaries. The
actuaries were then classified as having high, moderate, or low
Mach rating scores. The researcher investigated the impact of both
Mach score classification and marital status on the average income
of an actuary. For this experiment, identify a.the experimental
unit, b. the response variable, c. the factors, d. the levels of
each factor, and e.the treatments.
a. What are the experimental units? __employers __ marital
status __Mach rating scores __actuaries __income __ employees
__dollars __Mach score classification
b. What is the response variable? __income __Mach rating scores
__negative character traits __Mach score classification __marital
c. What are the factors? Select all that apply.
__A. negative character traits __B. marital status __C. Mach
rating scores __D. Mach score classification
d. What are the levels of each factor? Select all that

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