ECO 550 week 8

The _____ clause in an insurance policy relieves the insurer
of responsibility to pay for policyholder_s losses below a

Which of the following risks will always be insured in a

Which of the following actions can prevent migration of
individuals from one health insurance policy to another?

An individual will be considered risk neutral if:

Which of the following practices of insurers deter moral

Which of the following is an example of a moral hazard?

______ provisions in an insurance policy stipulate that it
will pay only a certain percentage of losses claimed by the

Which of the following can be a signal of product quality to

An insured person_s incentive to behave in ways that raise
the probability of a claim is known as:

The effects of asymmetric information in the car market can
be weakened by:

Which of the following is an example of asymmetric

If a purchase contract allows a buyer to accept less than a
specified maximum “take” each month, buying a _____ would allow
seller to resell the excess at a _____ price.

Which of the following were discovered in a Federal Trade
Commission Study of 8,000 new and used Corvettes sold on eBay
between 2001 and

Which of the following theories states that people who are
highly risk-averse are less likely to engage in high-risk

An outside organization trying to gain control of a
corporation offers a _____ by announcing its intent to purchase up
to a certain
number of the target’s shares at a premium over their market

In business organizations, the specialization of workers and
their assignments to different tasks is called:

A _____ generally has less understanding of the firm than a
manager and has little knowledge that is likely to improve the
quality of the
manager_s choices.

_____ have no decision-making powers but can lose no more
than what they have invested.

A sole proprietorship is characterized by:

_____ are legal and contractual mechanism[s] for creating
and operating a business for profit, using capital from investors
that will be
managed on their behalf by directors and officers.

When a single individual performs all the steps involved in
the production process he/she incurs:

Which of the following properties is common to a partnership

Which of the following _shareholder rights_ plan when
implemented provides all shareholders other than outsiders the
right to
purchase additional shares at a discount?

_____ is a property which distinguishes corporations from
proprietorships and partnerships.